Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Positionsort descending Primary Phone Email
Davis, Brandy Lead Secretary 513-363-4100 email staff
O'Brien, Chris School Community Coordinator/Athletic Director 513-363-4118 email staff
Lackey, Darlene Senior Support Specialist 513-363-4100 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subjectsort descending Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Hamm, Tiffaney Afterschool K-12th 513-363-4194 email staff
Demo, Laura Art 513-363-4161 email staff
Carpenter, Aaron Band K-6th 513-363-4241 email staff
Zimmer, Karen Beech Acres 513-363-4232 email staff
Deering, Sheena Beech Acres 513-363-4233 email staff
Talbert, Brian College Access- Grad Cincinnati High School email staff
Waggal, Marlene CPS Health Assistant email staff
Warren, Danielle ELA 9th and 12th Grade 513-363-4137 email staff
Senger, Mary ELA/Social Studies 4th Grade 513-363-4132 email staff
Clark, Jon ELA/Social Studies 3rd Grade 513-363-4129 email staff
Jordan, Cierra English 7th-8th 513-363-4187 email staff
Shelton, Ann GradCincinnati High School 513-363-4152 email staff
Rabbitt-Schappacher, Stefanie Hamilton County 513-363-4166 email staff
Kemen, Kim Hampton Mentor Coordinator 513-363-4168 email staff
Sage, Michael History High School 513-363-4188 email staff
Saylor, Brian History High School 513-363-4142 email staff
Washburn, Kim Instructional Assistant email staff
Ohmart, Pam Instructional Assistant email staff
Colston, Tonia Instructional Assistant email staff
Wilkins, Melva Instructional Assistant email staff
Moellering, Robin Instructional Assistant email staff
Bassman, Kristen Instructional Assistant email staff
Foegle, Colleen Instructional Assistant email staff
Halsey, Kathy Instructional Assistant email staff
Daniels, Tasha Instructional Assistant email staff
Preston, Karen Instructional Assistant email staff
Pitts, Cathy Instructional Assistant email staff
Montgomery, Denise Instructional Assistant email staff
Applegate, Tawanna Instructor Assistant 513-363-4123 email staff
Friend, Teri Intervention Specialist 513-363-4175 email staff
Castellanos, Juliana Intervention Specialist 4th 513-363-4240 email staff
Kroeger, Nancy Intervention Specialist 513-363-4114 email staff
Mellot, Kari Intervention Specialist K-6 513-363-4180 email staff
Huffman, Jessica Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-4179 email staff
Thomas, Kelly Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-4230 email staff
Blair, Thomas Intervention Specialist 513-363-4151 email staff
Pescatrice, Stephanie Intervention Specialist 513-363-4144 email staff
Cunningham, Yvette Intervention Specialist 513-363-4131 email staff
Carpenter, Aaron Itinerant Band Director 513-363-4241 email staff
Davis, Jared JCG 11th-12th 513-363-4126 email staff
Fliehman, Kate Language Arts High School 513-363-34130 email staff
Doering, Crystal Librarian 513-363-4150 email staff
Price, Rachel Math 9th-12th Grade 513-363-4248 email staff
Tapp, Rachel Math 7th-8th 513-363-4139 email staff
Swisher, Alexis Math/Science 5th 513-363-4197 email staff
Theurer, David Math/Science High School 513-363-4106 email staff
Guenther, Kelley Math/Science 4th Grade 513-363-4246 email staff
Brunswick, Kayla Math/Science High School 513-363-4127 email staff
Williams, Deborah Math/Science 6th Grade 513-363-4110 email staff
Staley-Springmyer, Heather Microsoft High School 513-363-4250 email staff
Maseman, Chad Microsoft Junior High 513-363-4162 email staff
Wahl, Elena Music 513-363-4176 email staff
Rahman, Dilruba Nurse Practitioner 513-363-4117 email staff
Bernard, Lori Occupational Therapist Elementary 513-363-4105 email staff
Applegate, Tawanna Operational Paraprofessional email staff
Dozier, Isiah Physical Education 513-363-4189 email staff
Matthews, Charles Plant Operator email staff
Bolden, Cora Psychologist High School 513-363-4156 email staff
Quatkemeyer, Aris Psychologist 513-363-4113 email staff
Suer, Elise Reading Specialist 4th-6th Grade 513-363-4119 email staff
Dribin, Tanya Reading Specialist 7th-12th Grade 513-363-4152 email staff
Hoekstra, Hope Reading Specialist K-2 513-363-4128 email staff
Kuhn, Karen School Counselor High School 513-363-4172 email staff
Hetzer, May School Counselor 7th and 8th Grade 513-363-4241 email staff
Fox, Susan Science 7th-8th 513-363-4146 email staff
White, Dorian Science High School 513-363-4148 email staff
Gleberman, Elise Social Studies 7th-8th 513-363-4143 email staff
Hutchinson, Olivia Spanish 513-363-4234 email staff
Tapke, Laura Speech 513-363-4116 email staff
Moore, Dana St. Al's- Case Manager 513-363-4107 email staff
Miller, Tierra St. Al's- Therapist 513-363-4149 email staff
Maiorano, Linda St. Al's- Therapist 513-363-4173 email staff
Gammon, Natalie Teacher 1st 513-363-4136 email staff
Reiring, Michelle Teacher 2nd 513-363-4141 email staff
Bauer, Kathryn Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4178 email staff
Johnson, Audrianna Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4245 email staff
Lindner, Erika Teacher 2nd Grade 513-363-4244 email staff
Setty, Shayna Teacher 4th 513-363-4134 email staff
Sullivan, Caroline Teacher 1st 513-363-4159 email staff
Talbert, Deborah Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4125 email staff
Barkey, Eileen Teacher 2nd 513-363-4123 email staff
Berndsen, Timothy Teacher 5th 513-363-4150 email staff
West, Emily Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4145 email staff
Brierly, Andrea Teacher 6th 513-363-4124 email staff
Oro, Sara Teacher Pre School 513-363-41438 email staff
Scholl, David Teacher - Computer 513-363-4169 email staff
Magness, Greg Teacher - Online 513-363-4193 email staff