Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Davis, Brandy Lead Secretary 513-363-4100 email staff
Lackey, Darlene Senior Support Specialist 513-363-4100 email staff
O'Brien, Chris School Community Coordinator/Athletic Director 513-363-4118 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Applegate, Tawanna Instructor Assistant 513-363-4123 email staff
Applegate, Tawanna Operational Paraprofessional email staff
Barkey, Eileen Teacher 2nd 513-363-4123 email staff
Bassman, Kristen Instructional Assistant email staff
Bauer, Kathryn Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4178 email staff
Bernard, Lori Occupational Therapist Elementary 513-363-4105 email staff
Berndsen, Timothy Teacher 5th 513-363-4150 email staff
Blair, Thomas Intervention Specialist 513-363-4151 email staff
Bolden, Cora Psychologist High School 513-363-4156 email staff
Brierly, Andrea Teacher 6th 513-363-4124 email staff
Brunswick, Kayla Math/Science High School 513-363-4127 email staff
Carpenter, Aaron Band K-6th 513-363-4241 email staff
Carpenter, Aaron Itinerant Band Director 513-363-4241 email staff
Castellanos, Juliana Intervention Specialist 4th 513-363-4240 email staff
Clark, Jon ELA/Social Studies 3rd Grade 513-363-4129 email staff
Colston, Tonia Instructional Assistant email staff
Cunningham, Yvette Intervention Specialist 513-363-4131 email staff
Daniels, Tasha Instructional Assistant email staff
Davis, Jared JCG 11th-12th 513-363-4126 email staff
Deering, Sheena Beech Acres 513-363-4233 email staff
Demo, Laura Art 513-363-4161 email staff
Doering, Crystal Librarian 513-363-4150 email staff
Dozier, Isiah Physical Education 513-363-4189 email staff
Dribin, Tanya Reading Specialist 7th-12th Grade 513-363-4152 email staff
Fliehman, Kate Language Arts High School 513-363-34130 email staff
Foegle, Colleen Instructional Assistant email staff
Fox, Susan Science 7th-8th 513-363-4146 email staff
Friend, Teri Intervention Specialist 513-363-4175 email staff
Gammon, Natalie Teacher 1st 513-363-4136 email staff
Gleberman, Elise Social Studies 7th-8th 513-363-4143 email staff
Guenther, Kelley Math/Science 4th Grade 513-363-4246 email staff
Halsey, Kathy Instructional Assistant email staff
Hamm, Tiffaney Afterschool K-12th 513-363-4194 email staff
Hetzer, May School Counselor 7th and 8th Grade 513-363-4241 email staff
Hoekstra, Hope Reading Specialist K-2 513-363-4128 email staff
Huffman, Jessica Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-4179 email staff
Hutchinson, Olivia Spanish 513-363-4234 email staff
Johnson, Audrianna Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4245 email staff
Jordan, Cierra English 7th-8th 513-363-4187 email staff
Kemen, Kim Hampton Mentor Coordinator 513-363-4168 email staff
Kroeger, Nancy Intervention Specialist 513-363-4114 email staff
Kuhn, Karen School Counselor High School 513-363-4172 email staff
Lindner, Erika Teacher 2nd Grade 513-363-4244 email staff
Magness, Greg Teacher - Online 513-363-4193 email staff
Maiorano, Linda St. Al's- Therapist 513-363-4173 email staff
Maseman, Chad Microsoft Junior High 513-363-4162 email staff
Matthews, Charles Plant Operator email staff
Mellot, Kari Intervention Specialist K-6 513-363-4180 email staff
Miller, Tierra St. Al's- Therapist 513-363-4149 email staff
Moellering, Robin Instructional Assistant email staff
Montgomery, Denise Instructional Assistant email staff
Moore, Dana St. Al's- Case Manager 513-363-4107 email staff
Ohmart, Pam Instructional Assistant email staff
Oro, Sara Teacher Pre School 513-363-41438 email staff
Pescatrice, Stephanie Intervention Specialist 513-363-4144 email staff
Pitts, Cathy Instructional Assistant email staff
Preston, Karen Instructional Assistant email staff
Price, Rachel Math 9th-12th Grade 513-363-4248 email staff
Quatkemeyer, Aris Psychologist 513-363-4113 email staff
Rabbitt-Schappacher, Stefanie Hamilton County 513-363-4166 email staff
Rahman, Dilruba Nurse Practitioner 513-363-4117 email staff
Reiring, Michelle Teacher 2nd 513-363-4141 email staff
Sage, Michael History High School 513-363-4188 email staff
Saylor, Brian History High School 513-363-4142 email staff
Scholl, David Teacher - Computer 513-363-4169 email staff
Senger, Mary ELA/Social Studies 4th Grade 513-363-4132 email staff
Setty, Shayna Teacher 4th 513-363-4134 email staff
Shelton, Ann GradCincinnati High School 513-363-4152 email staff
Staley-Springmyer, Heather Microsoft High School 513-363-4250 email staff
Suer, Elise Reading Specialist 4th-6th Grade 513-363-4119 email staff
Sullivan, Caroline Teacher 1st 513-363-4159 email staff
Swisher, Alexis Math/Science 5th 513-363-4197 email staff
Talbert, Deborah Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4125 email staff
Talbert, Brian College Access- Grad Cincinnati High School email staff
Tapke, Laura Speech 513-363-4116 email staff
Tapp, Rachel Math 7th-8th 513-363-4139 email staff
Theurer, David Math/Science High School 513-363-4106 email staff
Thomas, Kelly Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-4230 email staff
Waggal, Marlene CPS Health Assistant email staff
Wahl, Elena Music 513-363-4176 email staff
Warren, Danielle ELA 9th and 12th Grade 513-363-4137 email staff
Washburn, Kim Instructional Assistant email staff
West, Emily Teacher Kindergarten 513-363-4145 email staff
White, Dorian Science High School 513-363-4148 email staff
Wilkins, Melva Instructional Assistant email staff
Williams, Deborah Math/Science 6th Grade 513-363-4110 email staff
Zimmer, Karen Beech Acres 513-363-4232 email staff